Top 10+ Best TWS earbuds under 500 INR in India (2023)

Searching for the best earbuds under 500 Rs might be a headache for you. Because you would hardly see many sets of truly wireless earbuds under Rs 500. In India, 500 Rs is a very small amount of money to buy a good set of wireless earbuds. Still, I found some of the best wireless earbuds under 500 in India. Though, these earbuds are not too good or come with solid build quality. But still can fulfil your wish of buying wireless earbuds.

These earbuds that I have chosen for my list are still capable of delivering some good sound with decent bass. If you can increase your budget till 1000rs. Then I would recommend you to buy the best earbuds for under Rs 1000. This list has some good sets of earbuds with the better build quality that delivers amazing sound and good bass. You might also like the best fitness band under 500

Best earbuds under 500 Rs at a glance

Earbuds NamePrice Guide
truke Fit BudsCheck Price
Matlek Bluetooth Earbuds Check Price
INVICTO Inpods Check Price
i12 earbudsCheck Price
pTron AtomCheck Price
Twins7sCheck Price
Aanchal EarbudsCheck Price
AviListo InpodsCheck Price

Best earbuds under 500

1. truke Fit Buds

best earbuds under 500

The truke Fit buds are one of the most value-for-money earbuds that I have ever come across. The truke Fit buds are equipped with a 40mAh battery that provides up to 3.5 hours of music playback. Although the charging case that comes along with the earbuds has a capacity of 500mAh that adds up to 20 hours of total playback time. An interesting feature of these earbuds is the multi-function button which allows you to manage your phone calls and music playback.

There are also built-in microphones in both of the earbuds so you can attend the calls with ease. These are ergonomically designed earbuds that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. If listening to music is what you enjoy then I highly recommend you to consider these as they are equipped with 10 mm dynamic drivers which provide high fidelity crisp deep bass that you will love.


  • Multi-Function Button
  • built-in mic
  • 500 mAh Charging Case
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10 mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Ergonomic design

2. Matlek Bluetooth Earbuds

Matlek Bluetooth Earbuds

The Matlek Bluetooth earbuds come with a stylish electroplating design, which makes them durable and gives a fashionable look. They also have an anti-scratch function and they are lightweight and so, they can fit very easily in your ears.

These Bluetooth earbuds are designed with a 10mm large size speaker driver for providing you with rich quality sound with solid bass and so, the audio quality will be crystal clear. In order to enhance your audio experience, these earbuds are incorporated with Noise Cancellation technology which eliminates the background noises, so that you will have a great experience while listening to music, watching movies or playing games.

To make your experience very convenient, these Bluetooth earbuds come with one step pairing feature. After the initial pairing, the next time when you remove the earbuds from the charging case, they will automatically connect to each other. For this, you just need to have the Bluetooth option on your smartphone or tablet turned on. The range of Bluetooth connectivity is 10 meters, which is another great advantage.


  • 10mm drivers deliver good sound
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • 30g weight
  • Good sound quality
  • Great bass

3. INVICTO Inpods TWS earbuds

INVICTO Inpods TWS earbuds

The Invicto Inpods TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds are very durable and comfortable to use. They are light in weight since they are made of plastic material, perfectly fit into ears and are easy to handle. You can use these earbuds while you’re jogging or running and they won’t fall off your ears easily.

These Bluetooth earbuds provide you with a great audio experience with decent loudness and bass, and there’s also a noise-cancellation feature that eliminates the background noises and so, you will experience crystal clear sound without any distractions.

Coming to the battery life, you can use these earbuds continuously for 3 hours. These earbuds are compatible with all Android smartphones, tablets and PCs.


  • Fit perfectly in the ears
  • 4 to 6 hours of battery life
  • 90 g weight
  • Good sound quality
  • Attractive light

4. i12 earbuds

i12 earbuds

The i12 true wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.0. The earbuds feature Bluetooth version 5.0 at this price. Bluetooth 5.0 version has a stable and strong connection of up to 10 meters. So your earbuds will not lose connection.

You can use the earbuds with any device as they are compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth connectivity. The quality of the earbuds’ sound is good for this price. Moreover, they are sweatproof so you don’t need to fear doing workouts in summer.


  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Sweatproof
  • 300mAh charging case
  • 200 g weight

5. pTron Atom

pTron Atom

The pTron Atom earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 which has a much better and more stable connection than the previous one. The earbuds also support voice assistants, thanks to the in-built mic. You will be able to use Google Assistant and Siri. The earbuds come with 8mm drivers that help to deliver good sound. Earbuds support passive noise cancellation. Thus you can listen to clear sounds.

The earbuds are comfortable and secure fit, you will not feel any hurt in your ears. Each earbud feels so light and is designed ergonomically which causes no pain and you will be able to use earbuds for a long time. The earbuds are capable of giving 4 to 6 hours of playback time and they take 1.5 hours to get charged.


  • Fast charging
  • 4-6 hours of playback time
  • 8mm drivers
  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Voice assistant
  • Comfortable
  • 22 g weight

6. Twins7s


Twins7s earbuds are so cheap, one can get them for around Rs400. You can use these earbuds with every device. They are featured with Bluetooth version 4.2. The Bluetooth gives an ordinary connection, you won’t face any problems while using them.

The earbuds fit well and don’t drop while using them. They have a button to operate a few things. Don’t expect too much from them as the price is literally too low for a set of earbuds. If you are buying earbuds at this price range, you will have to ignore the quality of the earbuds.


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Fit perfectly
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Good sound
  • Impressive Bass

7. Aanchal Earbuds

Aanchal Earbuds Wireless TWS-4 Bluetooth Earbuds

The Aanchal earbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.0 for a better and more stable connection. These earbuds are compatible with any device which supports Bluetooth. These earbuds deliver fine audio with decent bass if we see their price.

They have a touch button to pick up calls and control the music. This one button controls the music and the calls. You can also power off and on through the touch function. The overall quality of the earbuds is decent, but not so good. The company claims they are waterproof, dustproof, and sweatproof


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • One-touch button
  • Decent audio quality
  • waterproof and sweatproof

8. AviListo Inpods Bluetooth Earbuds

AviListo Inpods Bluetooth Earbuds

AviListo Inpods are the best wireless earbuds under the budget of 500. The AviListo Inpods allow you to enjoy all-day music with your friends and family while keeping you connected to calls. AviListo Inpods are the best wireless earbuds under a budget of 500 rupees. With a new generation of Bluetooth technology, these earbuds allow you to enjoy music and make hands-free calls with crystal-clear sound quality.

AviListo Inpods are earbuds with a minimalist and lightweight design. But it lacks several features as it is cheap. The main differentiator of AviListo Inpod is that it’s very cheap in comparison to other earbuds models. They have a market price of around 400, which is really low as compared to other brands.

You can use the earphones while doing any activity like jogging, playing games, or watching movies. The sound output of these earphones is ok. They are not so good, in consideration of the price, the sound quality and the features it has are good. You can consider this earbud if you want wireless earbuds and you have a budget of 500.


  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Good sound
  • Noise cancellation sound
  • 200 g weight

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