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Ameca Robot- the new humanoid robot that has left the world awe-struck

Engineered Arts has unleashed its new brilliance- Ameca, a new humanoid robot. Human-shaped robots have been captivating to the eyes and mind since as far back as we have known of robots. Be it Sophia (the 2016 humanoid robot that served technology administration), or be it the good “old” Erica that studied human-robot interaction- human robots have always caught the eye. 

Ameca doesn’t own natural looks like Mesmer (another Engineered Arts creation), but rather, a humanoid robot that can show rather ultra-humanly expressions than all the previous humanoid robots we have come across, as stated by The Verge.

The robot has been provided with cameras, microphones, depth sensors, etc. For the facilitation of movements, it has worked on a browser-based software that produces many apps used for VFX and animations in games.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Engineered Arts, for instance, Ameca initially shows a complete straight-out-of-the-bed look- an expression of apparent confusion that we all usually have when being woken up early in the morning, then shows soft surprise when it moves its hands. Then it looks amazing when looking at the camera, and ends the video with a sincere human-like smile and a warm hand gesticulation.

With a nicely sculpted face and physique, Ameca sure is a marvel. However, the U.K.-based robotics company made a point as to how none of the robots engineered by the company have the ability to walk, saying that there are many obstacles before Ameca in terms of walking. The company said that although the research is ongoing, there hasn’t been a fully walking humanoid robot yet.

No official statement regarding the price for Ameca has been released yet. Nevertheless, Engineered Art’s less sophisticated models came at an estimated price of  Rs. 59,52,334 in 2018. We might as well sign off by saying that sooner or later, we’re gonna get an even better knowledge and look at Ameca as the company plans to present it in Las Vegas at CES 2022.


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