Apple rolls out iOS 15.5 update, click to know in detail what are the new features added

Apple on Tuesday released a new software update for its iPhones and iPad. These updates are iOS 15.5, and iPadOS 15.5. The latest update was released before the IOS’ major software upgrade – iOS 16, it is scheduled to be released on June 6 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, also known as WWDC.

As you know, the iOS 15.5 isn’t a big update, because the .1 incrementation implies. The latest iOS update by Apple will fix some bugs. It will also feature a few new apps for iPhones and iPads.

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Feature For Podcasts:
After this new update, the podcasts app includes a new setting that will allow the users to limit the number of episodes that are stored on their devices. This feature will also automatically erase the previously watched episodes, in this case, the app will not take up too much storage space on the Apple devices. It is a good thing as sometimes Apple users struggle with low storage.

Apple Pay Cash:
With this update, the Wallet app can now enable Apple Cash customers to send or request money by using the Apple Cash card. There will be also a ‘Request’ and ‘Send’ buttons on the app to make it even easier for its users to manage their money directly through the Wallet app.

Home App:

After updating the iPhones to iOS 15.5, you can see new WiFi signal bars that will let you make sure that your HomePod is connected to the Home app.

The home app can now prompt users about important notification alerts that basically require your immediate attention, even if the iPhone is on silent or DND mode.

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