Apple Vision Pro Fails to make a splash on Launch Day

The brand-new Apple Vision Pro is a marvel of technology, but its cutting-edge features come with a hefty price tag. Despite expectations, Apple Vision Pro didn’t sell out on its launch day, even though Apple expected it to.

The Apple Vision Pro aims to deliver immersive experiences by allowing its users to visualize content all around them. For example, you can watch movies on a virtual big screen or view panoramic photos in a wrap-around format. The headset tracks eye and hand movements, letting you easily navigate menus and resize windows using simple gestures like scrolling or pinching.

The Vision Pro failed to sell out on launch day despite reportedly very limited availability. The device comes in three variants starting from the base 256GB model at $3,500, rising to $3,699 for the 512GB model with the 1TB model topping out at $3,899. The Vision Pro 256GB variant was quickly backordered to March and then beyond on launch day, the commencing supplies of the 512GB and 1TB models failed to sell out.

Ming-Chi Kuo Apple supply chain analyst, according to him Apple may only have between 60,000 to 80,000 Vision Pro units available for launch day. Even though its price starts at $3,500 ranging through to $3,899, they expected the device to quickly sell out.

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The Vision Pro deliveries will start on February 2, and it’s possible the out-of-stock situation isn’t as much about hardware as it is about in-store experience. The Vision Pro will require comprehensive orientation, and Apple may be limiting orders to its ability to deliver that in-store experience.

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