8+ Best Gaming Laptops under 90000 in India (2023)

best gaming laptops under 90000

Playing games is the most prevalent hobby for many people. But it becomes like an addiction for a gamer. The ₹90,000 is a very good budget to get a good gaming laptop. You will be able to play any AAA games smoothly on these laptops. You might be confused about choosing the best gaming laptop … Read more

6+ Best Laptops for Programming under 60000 INR in India (2023)

Best Laptops for Programming under 60000

Visiting website after website for the best laptop for programming under 60000 Rs in India, Well the laptops under 60000 are capable enough to handle day-to-day tasks, programming & coding, and multitasking. In this price range, you’ll be able to purchase a decent laptop that will be good for your programming, study, and office work. … Read more

9+ Best Laptops for Medical Students and Doctors in India (2023)

Best laptops for Medical Students

Picking the best laptop for medical students is not tough or exasperating as a medical student does not need a very powerful or gaming laptop. A lightweight, portable, and multitasking laptop will be ideal for a medical student. They don’t need a bulky or heavyweight laptop with powerful graphics which are ideal for gaming. That … Read more

7+ Best Gaming Laptops under 85000 INR in India (2023)

best gaming laptops under 85000

Playing games at a good amount of FPS is always delightful for a gamer. No one likes it when his laptop doesn’t provide him with smooth gameplay. It happens because they choose the wrong laptop which doesn’t have a powerful GPU that can run games smoothly. A poor display can also ruin your gaming experience. … Read more

6+ Best Gaming Laptops under 1.5 Lakh in India (2023)

Best gaming laptops under 1.5 lakh

This post is completely dedicated to the best gaming laptops under 1.5 lakh because we all know how difficult it is to choose one when there are a number of other options available in the market to confused. Below, in this list, we have concluded the 6 best laptops and judged them according to all … Read more

[9+] Best Gaming Laptop under 35000 INR in India (2023)

best gaming laptops under 35000

Playing games is always fun and the best thing for a gamer. Now games are becoming more realistic than before and require more RAM and powerful GPU and CPU. Picking the wrong laptop for gaming could be displeasure for a gamer. Through this article, I will help you to choose the best gaming laptops under … Read more