Best Over the Ear Headphones under 2000 Rs in India

Are you looking for the best over-the-ear headphones under 2000? In this article, I bring for you the 7 best over-the-ear headphones under 2000 Rupees. However, we only recommend over-the-ear headphones because that’s what we truly believe is comfortable.

In this article, we will only include over-ear wireless headphones. for all those who are wondering over-the-ear headphones have larger ear cups, which cover your entire ears. While on the ear, sits right on the ear. The design difference makes over-the-ear headphones a lot more comfortable simply because there is no contact with your ear at all.

Another point worth mentioning is to have a balanced expectation, so we use sony XM3 and xm4 at TW, and both are the industry standard for good comfortable headphones. They have good cushioning in the ear cups.

Good weight balancing, good calm force, and overall really good audio, but when you go for budget headphones you have to manage your expectations accordingly. You will be able to use budget headphones easily for two or three hours straight, but you can’t use them for a full day like you can use premium ones.

All the headphones in this list come with a micro USB cable for charging them and an AUX cable, also like all the headphones, the ear cups are quite big, although not big enough, and decent cushioning in the headband. You can also fold them inwards towards them which makes it really easy to carry them without the fear of breaking.

Best Over-Ear Headphones under 2000 Rs in India

S.No Headphones NamePrice Details
7.Boult Audio Pro Bass BoostCheck Price
6.Motorola Escape 210 Check Price
5.Sennheiser HD 206 Headphones Check Price
4.Blaupunkt BH11 headphonesCheck Price
3.EKSA E900 HeadsetCheck Price
2.Fire-Boltt Blast 1400Check Price
1.boAt Rockerz 550 Check Price
best over-ear headphones under 2000 list:

Without wasting further time, let’s start our list of 7 best over the ear headphones under 2000 Rs:

7. Boult Audio Pro Wireless Headphones

Boult Audio Pro bass Boost

This boult audio pro comes with a minimalistic, and round circle design on the earcups, which look very simple and professional. The headphones are made of fair-quality plastic material, and the hinges are metal. And the red and black color combination looks attractive, the headphones come with only black color option. The cushioning of its ear cups is quite good. You can listen to music a long time through this.

It comes in Bluetooth version v4.2 with a 10m operational range. Along with this, it has 100mAh lithium batteries, which will give you 10hr playback time. The headphones’ weight is 189g, which is quite lighter than others. It has an IPX5 rating, which means it is splash resistant.

Pro bass boost comes with 40mm dynamic drivers, which create and gives you an acoustic sound experience. and the mids, and highs are also clear. The noise-canceling of this headband is pretty decent. I found a minute drawback in this headband, and that is when you go to max volume, the music can be heard by other people too. It will compatible with all OS, and all Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Driver Size: 40mm
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wireless, Wired
Inbuilt Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth: V4.2
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Weight: 189g

6. Motorola Escape 210 Over-Ear Headphones

Motorola Escape 210

Motorola escape 210 is completely made of good quality plastic. It comes in black color, a simple and minimalistic design, Which gives you a professional feels. Each earcup has a Motorola logo. And the hinges are also plastic. The overall build quality is above average.

It comes with Bluetooth v5.0 and will give you 10hr playback time. The headphones support Alexa and google assistant commands. It comes in a 40mm dynamic driver, it delivers good audio quality with decent bass. it also comes in dual connectivity options, wireless and aux cable. IT will support all OS and devices.


Driver Size: 40mm
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wireless
Inbuilt Microphone: YES
Bluetooth: v5.0
Battery Life: 10hr playback time
Weight: 295G

5. Sennheiser HD 206 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 206

These Sennheiser headphones come with a very durable build quality and design. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Coming to the build quality, these headphones are made of faux leather and come with high-quality leatherette ear pads, which are very convenient for the ears during long listening sessions.

These headphones come with a gold-plated 6.3 mm jack adaptor and a cable with a length of 3 meters. These headphones are compatible with a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, portable audio players, and studio recorders.

Coming to sound quality, these stereo headphones provide dynamic audio with crisp bass and fine attenuation of external noises so that you can get a great listening experience without any distractions.

I’ll keep my verdict simple by saying that Sennheiser is a very well-known brand with a good reputation and so if you are looking to purchase headphones with the durable build quality and rich and dynamic stereo sound quality, you can go for these headphones.


Driver Size: –
Frequency Range: 21Hz – 18000 Hz
Connector Type: Wired
Inbuilt Microphone: No
Bluetooth: N/A
Battery Life: –
Weight: 215g

4. Blaupunkt BH11 Bluetooth Headphones

Blaupunkt BH11

Blaupunkt is a german well-known brand, Blaupunkt is known for its sound quality. The headphones come in a completely black color and are also available in only the black option. the texture of this headset looks elegant. The padding of this laptop is made of leather, for adjustment company gives stripes to adjust its earcups according to your comfort. overall the build quality of these headphones is sturdy.

The cushioning is very blissful. You can listen to music and play gaming with this headband for a long time without any trouble. It comes with dual pairing and Bluetooth version v5.0, which means you can connect your second device without disconnecting the primary. It will give you 24hr playback time.

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Blaupunkt features built-in 40mm large-aperture drivers, it delivers immersive clear audio, every note is crisp and clear, and you go normal to bass mode just touch the power button once.

I like the treble of this headband it produces an impressive tinkle sound. Along with this, it comes with dual equalizer mode, you can adjust and control your music bass, and treble.


Driver Size: 40MM
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wireless, Wired
Inbuilt Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Battery Life: up to 24 Hours
Weight: ‎220 g

3. EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Headset

EKSA E900 Wired Stereo

Gamer headsets like the E900 have a sturdy construction, an adjustable metal headband, a flexible microphone, thick memory foam pads, and big soft earmuffs that conform to the human body to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience.

No matter what size your head is, this headset is designed to fit everyone without constraint, and it is highly durable. As a result of using premium materials, the E900 gaming headsets are long-lasting, durable, and stable.

The 3.5 mm audio jack on these gaming headphones makes them compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One Controller, PC, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iMac, Computer, and Mobile Phone.

If you are using an old version Xbox One controller, you will need an additional adapter. Gaming, working, studying, using Skype, Chatting, and other activities are all made possible by this headset. It also has USB connectivity.

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The 50 mm over-ear speakers in the E900 gaming headphones produce clear treble and stunning bass to give you an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the E900 gaming headset accurately identifies the location of different sounds, such as weak footstep sounds and enemy gunshots.

Designed with input from pro gamers and game designers, the E900 delivers clear, detailed sound at all frequencies and volume levels.


Driver Size: 50MM
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wired
Inbuilt Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth: No
Battery Life: –
Weight: ‎270 g

2. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 Headphones

Fire-Boltt Blast 1400

The Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 headphones are available in three different colors – black, beige, and red. The build quality of these headphones is very solid and the look is premium as they are made of aluminum gunmetal. The ear cushions are very soft and the overall design gives you next-level comfort.

These headphones are powered by a 430mAh Li-ion battery which gives you 25 hours of battery life. You can enjoy continuous playback for more than one day at a stretch. Coming to the sound quality, you can enjoy a powerful sound with thunderous bass and crystal clear treble, thanks to the 40mm drivers.

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The manufacturer of these headphones really cares about your convenience and so, these headphones come with a multi-function button. Just long-press the button for about 3 seconds, and then your voice assistant will be triggered.


Driver Size: 40MM
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wireless
Inbuilt Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth: V5.0
Battery Life: up to 20 Hours
Weight: 100 g

1. boAt Rockerz 550 Headphones

boAt Rockerz 550

Boat Rockerz 550 headphone comes with a stylish and very plush design, The red and black combination looks very attractive. It is very comfortable and along with metallic hinges. The cushions are ultra-soft of these headphones. You can listen to music nonstop 3hr to 4hr without any trouble (ear pain). It comes in five colors and the weight is 245g, which is good.

These over-ear headphones come with Bluetooth’s latest version v5.0. Along with this, it has a 500mAh battery, which gives you 18hr to 20hr playback time.

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It has 50mm dynamic drivers which will give you a loud and clear sound. The music separation of these headphones is quite impressive, the lows, highs, and mids are quite good. The overall sound quality is very good. Wireless sound quality is slightly better than the AUX it comes with.

The difference is really not noticeable until you turn up the volume near the max. Apart from this, boat rockerz has an inbuilt mic and one-tap voice assistance feature, with help you can use Siri and google assistant. You can connect these headphones via BlueTooth or aux cable.


Driver Size: 50MM
Frequency Range: –
Connector Type: Wireless, Wired
Inbuilt Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth: V5.0
Battery Life: up to 20 Hours
Weight: ‎245 g


These are our best over-the-ear headphones under 2000 Rs, which are available in India. Our recommendation is to go for Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 and Boat rockerz 550 headphones.

If you have any questions regarding this article and product, and if we forgot to add some products that should have been on this list, please suggest us in the comment box.

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