Best smartwatch under 15000 INR in India

Smartwatches are a new generation of technology: With the small, digital all-rounder, you can read your e-mails and messages, record your health data or make phone calls and that’s just the beginning the watches recognize when their owner falls and call for help in an emergency. They also look elegant and go with all formal, casual wear. But nowadays it is hard to find a smartwatch that your pocket allows.

We recommend you some of the best smartwatches for under Rs 15000. These are not the cheapest, unnamed gadgets, but solid and easy-to-use watches.

Here we are listing the 5 best smartwatches that allow you to keep your budget without sacrificing too much on quality.

Best smartwatch under 15000 Rs in India List:-

Products NamePrice Guide
Huawei GT 2 SportsCheck Price
Amazfit T-Rex Pro Check Price
Honour Magic Watch 2 Check Price
Oneplus Watch Check Price
Fitbit Versa 2 Check Price
Smartwatches under 15000

Let’s start our 5 best smartwatches under 15000 rs in India list:-

5. Huawei GT 2 Sports Bluetooth Watch

Huawei GT 2 Sports Bluetooth Watch

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Huawei smartwatches stand out for their sophistication and their classic aesthetics. Another point to stand out in the Chinese brand’s smartwatches is the battery life, in addition to the sports and health control benefits.

The minimalist design of the Huawei Watch GT 2 will fall in love with anyone: its classic and modern look makes it the ideal complement for all your activities.


It 1.39 inch AMOLED display with a 46mm dial size and also a variety of watch faces that you can set and customize according to your mood. Keep yourself refreshed with different colors and skins.


Up to two weeks, the battery life in the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Sports provides a charge that comes with and connects any lifestyle. Its fast loading makes it more practical for you.

With just 5 minutes of fast, wireless charging, your smartwatch will get enough power to stay active for 10 hours.

If you don’t have chargers nearby, use reverse charging next to your smartphone. Just touch them and you’re done: the energy transfer starts and leaves all your devices charged in just a few minutes.

Store up to 500 songs and enjoy your jog or run by keeping your phone at home.

Health monitoring

  • Realtime heart rate monitoring
  • Daily activities monitoring
  • Steps and Calories tracker
  • Automatic Sleep recognition 
  • Oxygen Saturation detector


It is the best training partner as it tracks your movements with the positioning systems and records your heart rate with great accuracy.

It also makes your routine easier with its Bluetooth calling functions, internal music storage, message notifications.

Its outdoor and indoor sports mode keeps track of your activities smarty even if you swimming or using any gym equipment.


Make your life a bit easier with its all-time notifications from Email, SMS, calendar, Whatsapp, and other social media notifications. It notifies you while getting calls and other alerts.

4. Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

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Take advantage of the full potential offered by the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch, which guarantees resistance to outdoor environments. It is a complete blend of style and technology. Its rugged adventurous design made it suitable for rough areas and treks.


 With an adventurous design, it has a 1.3″ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360, which supports an always-on screen that enables you to see all notifications clearly in even daytime.


It is not just the low price that makes us focus on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, the successor to the T-Rex, which is still available. The manufacturer Huami also promises robust housing this best smartwatch under 15000 has been tested according to military standards and has a long battery life of 18 days.

Health monitoring

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep quality measurement
  • Exercise duration
  • Blood oxygen saturation measurement


It has water resistance up to 100 meters and accompanies you in exploring the world underwater. with over 100 sports modes so you can develop to the fullest. Plus, With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity it easily connects to your smartphones and makes your life easy.

 Its top-class GPS  will always direct to throughout your adventures and won’t leave you alone.

It comes with PAI a health assessment system that figures out all your complex health information and conveys it to you in an easy digital form that is unique to every user wearing it.


You can link it to your Android or iOS device and, thus receive notifications of calls, messages, and other apps. If you want to use the T-Rex Pro to its full extent, you can’t avoid installing the Zepp app.  

3. Honour Magic Watch 2 (Charcoal Black)

Honour Magic Watch 2 (Charcoal Black)

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If you are looking for a sports watch to monitor your physical activity and your workouts while remaining in the amateur field, we must say that this Magic Watch 2 will hardly disappoint you. The component linked to the recording of physical activity is one of its strengths.


This smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display of  1.39” with a screen resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. Its display is always active, so you can see all your notifications and activities in a fraction of a moment.


Get more out of your days! With the revolutionary HUAWEI Kirin A1 chipset, the MagicWatch 2 processes data faster with less energy, so it lasts longer. The 46 mm version has a service life of 14 days and the 42 mm version 7 days.

Health Monitoring:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Stress monitor
  • Breathing monitor
  • Sleep quality tracking
  • Blood oxygen level Spo2 measurement
  • Calories burn tracker


Magic Watch 2 helps you experience the moments while always in the picture. Allows you to access commonly used smartphone functions, such as checking the weather application, setting an alarm, or starting the stopwatch along with a built-in speaker and microphone.  

Its 4GB built-in storage helps you store your tracks for better music management and keep sound recordings. Also, YouTube and other multimedia apps can be managed from the clock.

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Magic watch 2 is water-resistant at 5 atm standards and makes it suitable to wear while swimming and thus makes it one of the best smartwatches under 15000.


Get all your important notifications like incoming calls, messages, emails, and control your music right from your wrist.  Its smart vibration keeps you updated without looking at your phone.

2. Oneplus Watch

Oneplus Watch

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OnePlus Watch is a strikingly different clock than we are used to. Most smartwatches nowadays come with beautiful crown buttons. OnePlus opts for a much more streamlined design.


Despite the large display, the OnePlus Watch has become a unisex design. Elegance is in the eye of the beholder, but we are sure you will be impressed. Seamlessly from one breathtaking edge to the next, sophisticated modern craftsmanship merges with classic attention to detail.

Light and shadow float around the edge of the exquisite 46 mm watch, capturing the flow of time. The minimalist aesthetic is combined with an exquisite, soft feel. The bezel of the dial is unmistakably distinctive and eye-catching


OnePlus promises us 14 days of battery life, just like the Band. In practice, in both situations, the assessment turned out to be overly optimistic.

Of course, if you don’t change any settings, you can reach 14 days. But, the automatic brightness turns out to be too weak, and many important functions are disabled. If you constantly monitor sleep, stress, and SpO2, you should count on a maximum of a week of work.

However, compared to many smartwatches, this is not a bad result and therefore is the best smartwatch under 15000 to buy. Battery charging is also pretty fast.

Health monitoring  :

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep quality tracker
  • Stress tracker
  • Sp02 monitoring
  • Keep track of your daily steps
  • Calories burn monitor


OnePlus has placed 4GB of storage memory, of which 2GB is used by the watch itself. You can use the other 2GB for music, you can leave your phone at home during exercise because the watch connects directly to your headset.

Among other things, firmware B.48 adds Marathon to the workout list and also improves the stability of the user interface and the system as a whole.

The OS is equipped with a lot of basic apps and that work seamlessly. Think of using the display as a flashlight, using the compass, and more. A nice detail is that you can also connect a TV to the watch.

Bluetooth 5.0  seamless connectivity keeps you updated with all your incoming calls and texts.

Keep yourself motivated with more than 110 workout modes satellite positioning allows you to get accurate data of every step.

The quality of the speaker and microphone is however more than enough to allow you to take advantage of the functionality when needed, even in environments that are not too quiet such as the cockpit of a moving car.


You can receive notifications from all applications on the wrist, those will be displayed completely and with the correct icon, in all cases deleting the notification from the watch the same will not happen on the associated smartphone and vice versa.

Although, the market offers a plurality of choices, with widely different price ranges. Therefore, having a clear idea of ​​the purpose of the purchase is essential to choose the best smartwatch for your needs, without necessarily spending a fortune.

1. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch

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Discover the Fitbit Versa 2, a smartwatch suitable for any time of the day. With a modern and versatile design, the watch can be worn anywhere: at work, at the gym, at important events in your life.


Compared to its predecessor, the Fitbit Versa 2 has a larger AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.37 inches (25.07×25.07 millimeters) and a resolution of 300×300 pixels. The readability has improved.  The black background in particular is significantly darker and increases the contrast.

The screen shows content permanently if desired. Users can change the display setting via a quick menu as if you swipe down from the top, it opens, and with a tap on the clock symbol, the always-on screen switches on or off.


The battery capacity Versa 2 with 165 mAh lasts for five days, according to Fitbit, but is shortened to two days with the always-on screen. It has been seen that with the always-on display activated, the watch even lasted over four days.

Health monitoring

  • Exact Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep quality tracker
  • Detects workout
  • Steps tracker
  • Blood Oxygen saturation detector


Comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa which makes it convenient to get all the updates and news. Control your device or even connect it to your smart home devices just by your voice command.

The always-on screen option helps you to see more easily what time it is or what the results of training are while doing sports.

Fitbit payment functions enable you to make contactless payments instantly.

Voice assistant works well in Android when your smartphone is nearby you can even reply to the messages through voice. 

Add more than 300 songs to this best smartwatch under 15000 and have control over Spotify and other more apps.


As soon as you have paired your Fitbit versa 2 with the Fitbit app, you can receive notifications from your smartphone on your Fitbit tracker. This function can only be used when your smartphone is near the tracker. Versa 2 has a vibration motor that can wake you up with silent alarms.

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