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What is the difference between a modem and a router?

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Today in this article, we will tell the difference between a Modem and a Router.

If you want to know what is the difference between modem and router, then this article is for you, in this, we will fully explain the difference between modem and router and also show how these two work.

Whenever there is an internet connection, there is a reference to the router or modem with it, so if you are not aware of the difference between these two devices, then often you get confused, then be assured by reading the article, your confusion will be completely overcome.

You must read this article full so that you understand all the important information very well and you can comment if you have any questions.

Difference between Modem and Router

The main difference between Modem and Router is their Connectivity, that is, the work of the modem is to connect at your Home Network cht Internet (ISP) Internet Service Provider, it is also called the Gateway of the Network

While the work of Router is all wired and wireless. A network of devices such as switches, laptops, desktop printers, etc. is to be interconnected, so that all those devices can communicate with each other and use the Internet.

Let us understand this more easily now, whenever you need an internet connection at home or office, you talk to the ISP for this. So the device used to create internet connectivity between ISP and your home is called Modem.

Now internet connectivity has come to your home modem, but still you will not be able to use internet on your laptop, desktop, mobile or any other Davis, because the modem does not create a LAN network by itself and neither WIFi broadcasts the signal, for this you need a Router.

The router’s job is to create a wired and wireless LAN network, and it connects to the Modem via a LAN cable, so that all the devices in the network can also communicate with each other at the same time and give them Internet access.

By the way,

both the modem and the router are completely different from each other, and the functionality of the two is also different, so both devices are used in computer networks.

However, now Combine devices have also come in which both Modem and Router are available, that is, you do not need to install two separate devices, the router and the modem, but in one device you get both of these features.

More About Modem & Routers:-

What is a Modem?

what is a modem

What is a modemModulator+Demodulator, this device enables a computer to transmit data over telephone & cable lines.

It connects directly to the ISP, so that an Internet connection can be obtained.

The modem converts the analog signal received from the phone line or cable into digital information, so that the computer and other devices can understand this information, this process is called modulation.

Similarly, It converts digital info into analog signals, a process known as Demodulation.

It decodes the Signal’s received from the ISP. A local network cannot be created by this.

It does not broadcast WiFi signals but operates on the Data Link Layer.

Types of Modem:

By the way, there are many types of Modems and which are categorized in many ways. Let us now know about him only.

Let’s know categorization based on these following basic modem features:

  • Directional capacity: half duplex modem and full duplex modem.
  • Connection to the line: 2-wire modem and 4-wire modem.
  • Transmission mode: asynchronous modem and synchronous modem.

What is a Router?

whar is a router

what is a router: This a device which connects multiple networks, routes traffic to the appropriate network using the fastest available path. It forwards data packets along with networks.

It is connected to at least two networks are located at gateways, the places where two or more networks connect.

It is a networking device by which different LAN networks can be created. Network traffic is managed by this.

It broadcasts a WiFi signal. This allows wired wireless devices to be included in the network.It cannot decode the signal received from the ISP.

It operates on the Network Layer. It cannot connect to an ISP without a modem.

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Types of Routers:

Although there are many types of Router, but we will tell you only all those which are used more.

  • Broadband Router (Wired Router)
  • Wireless Router
  • Core Routers
  • Edge Routers


In this article we covered topic Modem and Router Difference. I hope you liked this post and also liked all the information given in it.

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