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Gmail server was down, People are making fun of Gmail service by memes

Google’s Gmail server has been down since this morning. Due to this, users from many countries along with India have been unable to send emails. In fact, many users have also reported attachment failure. It is being told that along with Gmail, people have also faced problems in Google Drive.

Google has already received information about this. At the same time, Google has said that ‘it is working to fix this error as soon as possible’.

With this, the down detector says that Youtube’s server also has a problem, causing people to have trouble uploading videos. Along with this, Google has also said that the problem of Gmail will be fixed by 1.30 pm, for which the team is working.

Let me tell you that apart from this, Down detector also said that this error occurred in Gmail at 9.50 am and still remains.

gmail server down

mocking the Gmail by making memes on twitter

According to the information received, 62% of people have facing difficulty attachment in Gmail, 30% of people are logged in and 10% of people have trouble receiving e-mail.

Also, the down detector says, ‘The problem of uploading to YouTube has started at 9 am, while the biggest problem is at 11.52 minutes. 60% have difficulty watching videos, 30% uploading, and 10% having difficulty opening the site.

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There is no doubt that Gmail is heavily used in the world, and even without it, the biggest functions are incomplete, while Gmail is the most used email service worldwide, in India and other countries after Thursday afternoon, its service was very slow. Following a large number of user outages on Twitter, Google confirmed the disruption, with the tech giant issuing a short statement. A statement on the Google Apps Status page,

“We are investigating a problem that started with Gmail. If an error is detected it will be resolved as soon as possible.”

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Many users have complained that they are unable to login, while some said they are unable to attach documents to their mail. According to the Dodger portal, which tracks outages, more than 62 percent reported problems with attachment and 25 percent reported problems with log-ins.

According to the information, although some users certainly felt disturbed by the unexpected disruption, some felt relieved after taking short breaks from the work stairs.




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