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Google search found a major technical problem

The search engine platform Google has encountered a major technical flaw in its search algorithm. Due to which the users of the world are getting strange search results. The impact of this technical flaw is also being seen on a web crawling and indexing system called caffeine, which allows Google for faster data processing.

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Due to Google’s glitch, many customers feel that Google search is updating. Because of which there is difficulty in searching on Google. According to the search engine general report, Google search has been facing problems since the beginning of this week.

Google’s John Muller tweeted on Tuesday that Google has detected a technical glitch issue in the indexing system that is affecting Google search. He said that once the problem is detected, it has been rectified soon with the help of qualified engineers of the company.

In such a situation, Google users will get rid of this technical problem soon. He thanked the users for showing patience during the technical glitch. He said that there is not much detail about the disturbances. But it is so important that this defect was from our side, which has now been rectified.

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For your information, let us know that the caffeine indexing system helps Google. Its function is to continuously sequence the entire portal in real-time. Gary Ellis of Google tweeted that the caffeine indexing system works in many ways.

This includes things like Inches Like Logs, Renderers, and Converted Data. If either of these goes wrong, Google’s search speed decreases. Additionally, the wrong portal page appears in the search. If index building is not fixed, it affects every object.



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