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Lg introduced electric face mask with air purifier technology

Battery-powered face mask of LG to fight COVID and foggy glasses at the same time LG Electronics’ made air purifier wearable face mask, which comes in one size and weight comparable to ski goggles, features two fans and high-efficiency particle air filters that can clean air coming in and exhaled breath.

Lg electric face mask with air purifier technology

The South Korean company designed the battery-power filtered face mask by understanding the convenience of people, such as breathing difficulty and fogged up glasses.

As health organizations of the world increasingly urge to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, manufacturing companies turned their attention towards making such gears more comfortable without compromising safety.

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People who wore glasses having more problems like fogged-up glasses because breath escapes from the top of the mask towards the eyes.

“Breathing is the biggest concern when it comes to wearing a face mask and disposable masks come with a huge environmental cost,” Choi Yoon-hee, a senior official at LG Electronics’ air solution product team, told Reuters.


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