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LG wing a boundary-pushing phone

LG is probably making the most unique smartphone that we can remember. Called the LG Wing, it has two displays, one being the traditional 6.8 OLED panel, but a simple 90-degree turn of the display reveals a second, much smaller 4-inch panel that is used with the main screen at all times can go.

lg wing
image courtesy – themobileindian

I know what you’re thinking… this is clearly an unusual phone in day-to-day use, but the company is clearly expecting that.

It’s using the Wing branding to launch an Explorer Project category of boundary-pushing phones, and that means taking chances on interfaces that might only appeal to specific people.

The possible use case scenario for this phone I can think of you can hold your phone in portrait while watching a full-screen video.

Since the front of our phones have become basically all screen, so this approach might appeal to some. Also when driving, customers can open up the navigation app on the larger screen as well.

In the meantime, the smaller one can be used for streaming music through Spotify or YouTube Music and taking calls. So even though it’s super weird, it still has its pros.

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LG Wing price and launch date

LG will unveil it on September 14, and it may cost $1000 so you can pay a premium for that extra screen.

so are you excited about this lg’s wing phone? let us know via commenting below.


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