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MSI Force GC30 V2 wireless controller, know price and availability

MSI Force GC30 V2 White Multi-Format Controller 

These days, it’s become a toughie to decide which gaming console controller you must buy. With a plethora of options offered by tech giants like Sony, Xbox, Logitech, etc. flooding the market with impeccable gaming consoles, choosing one of these might prove an arduous task.

MSI Force GC30 V2 wireless controller

Here today, however, we have brought to you a discussion on the MSI Force GC30 V2 controller, which is smaller and more compact in size than its rivals. Coming in a captivating white hue, it’s more affordable than its console controller rivals- and is worth buying for a number of reasons.

MSI Force GC30 V2 White

The controller can be used in both wired and wireless manners. Having a long-lasting battery life of 8 hours, it’s a nice choice. 

The site states that the console offers high accuracy in its movements- courtesy of its enhanced and smooth analog sticks. Allowing a capacity of around 2 million clicks allows great longevity in terms of play. 

The D-Pad covers come with a magnetic design that allows smooth movements in switching to your chosen game type.

The console controller is super-comfortable in terms of weight– weighing 212g / 405g, which has a feathery light hold in the hand.


The MSI Force GC30 V2 controller is available at a price of ₹7,127.99, on Amazon India.


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