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Now you won’t miss your important messages with android 11

Android is the OS that everyone wants because with android 11 you won’t miss even a single important message of yours

In android 11 you can get your all-important messages in at one place on your fingertips, you can control your conversation as you like. You just need to hit the settings of chat and select any person and then add to priority, and you will get him on top of your notification.

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These settings will also work on lock screen mode, even if your screen is looked your priority chat will always visible on your lock screen, and by just a tap you can start chatting.

This OS also gives you access to chat even if you are doing any other important work. You don’t need yo switch the tab to chat and to get back on work. Android 11 is coming with a bubble feature, which can allow you to chat with only just one tap.

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You can make any chat’s bubble of any app and it will float around your screen corners. If you want to chat or reply to any message, just tap on the bubble it will show you the full chat screen and then again hit back to close that screen and focus on your work, so easy and simple don’t you think.

Android 11 also has some new features just click on and read.


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