Samsung Galaxy Zero Smartphone: Price, Specification, and launch date

There are some rumors that Samsung might launch Samsung Galaxy Zero smartphone with amazing features and specifications. Although rumors are not strong enough to believe, we will look at the smartphone’s specifications and design.

There are also some youtube channels and websites that have discussed Samsung Galaxy zero smartphone. Tech-key believed the Galaxy Zero might release in 2025 with some amazing features but this video was published in 2020. We will discuss the expected specifications that might be featured on the Samsung Galaxy Zero Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Zero Display & Design

The Galaxy Zero might feature a Super AMOLED 4K display. That display of the Samsung phone is always great and with the 4k super AMOLED display, the Galaxy Zero smartphone will blow your mind.

Galaxy Zero Camera

Samsung galaxy zero
Image-Tech key

The Samsung Galaxy Zero might come with 5 back cameras and 2 front cameras. Although there are not many rumors or leaks, we are seeing the Galaxy Zero might have a 200MP camera. There are few chances this might be true as this rumor has not come from any bigger source. The smartphone might come with a 200MP primary and 64MP secondary front camera.


There are fair chances that the Samsung Galaxy Zero might come with Snapdragon 8th gen 2 or 3. The Processor will be such powerful that it can load powerful games without any stuttering. You will also be able to do multitask smoothly.

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The Galaxy Zero might come with 12GB and 16GB RAM options. That much RAM will be enough for multitasking or any application. You won’t face any complaint from the side of the RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Zero might come with 256GB and 512GB variants, there might also be released a 1TB variant smartphone. You can save a lot of data in that much storage.


The smartphone will have a 6000 or a 7000 mAh battery that can easily last up to 2 days. The phone might come with a 120w charger that could charge the smartphone in 15 to 20 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Price in India

There are high chances that the Samsung Galaxy Zero 12GB+256GB might be sold in India at more than 120000 INR, 16GB+512GB at 1,50,000, and 16GB+1TB at 1,80,000.

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These are only rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Zero might be released but this is not official news at all about this smartphone. Bigtech360 collected all this information from various sources and does not claim that this phone will be released 100 percent. Although these are only expectations and rumors if this is true then Samsung Galaxy Zero will be an amazing phone

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