Skylight comes up with Calendar Max, a 27-inch touchscreen for efficient home management!

Skylight has come up with an innovative approach to managing calendars by offering a 27-inch touchscreen that stores the schedules of each member of a household for easy access to appointments and meetings.

Skylight proposed a product for customers who are not enjoying the calendar apps on their mobile phones and are also not willing to start using pen-and-paper calendars. and this issue was found quite evidently in many individuals. The answer to all these queries is Calender Max by Skylight. hardware that comes with a huge 27-inch screen in a 16:9 format and with a solid resolution of 2560*1440.

The usage process of these calendars is also quite interesting, where users can use the wall bracket that comes with the product and attach it to the wall in either of the two forms: portrait or landscape. Then this calendar gets connected to the power socket, and it starts working.

The main objective of using this tool is to first manage the schedules of each individual, track upcoming and pending appointments, and even pending household chores. All these features make the Calendar Max an appropriate choice for managing households efficiently. This also works as a basic calendar, where you can create to-do lists and much more.

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Every member of a household can access this on their smartphones and keep adding their priorities and giving heads-up to the other members. Talking about the price of Calendar Max, it comes in two different kinds of frames in the US, which can be chosen as per users’ preferences. The calendar max with a plastic frame comes for $500, while the one with an aluminium frame comes for $629. However, the company has not yet released any information about the prices in Europe.

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