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Stanford University launched a class that will be taught completely in virtual reality

The CoronaVirus pandemic has agitated the world, however, has also inspired to innovate and develop technology in a way that renovates imagination and clarity. Every aspect has been influenced by it. The education sector too has seen heights in terms of improvisation. Be it online teaching or exams taken over the net, it has left the world thinking about how needs can be fulfilled if only thought upon effectively.

The latest in the news is the globally renowned Stanford University that has introduced virtual reality (VR) in its class. 

Bailenson, who has taught Communication for about 20 years, decided to guide his class and prepare his students with software that he developed in May. The software ‘Engage’, is a platform where the professors and the students can interact virtually- basically, in a virtual reality manner. Stanford’s class projects include meditation in open space, performances in different forms etc.

Cyan DeVeaux, who is an assistant at teaching for that class, said that the only obstruction here can be as to how students would visualize and perceive what is being taught.

The duration of every session of the class has been fixed at 30 minutes- so that it prevents the students from feeling bored of the simulation. 

Bailenson also, for the sake of the students’ privacy, requested Facebook to allow fake IDS to be made by the students and in exchange, decided to use Oculus by Meta (the company that heads Facebook) 

Cyan and Bailenson, from the 3,000 hrs information collected from their experiences of two classes, are looking forward to new findings in the aspect of education- and Stanford University has launched a class that will be taught entirely in virtual reality also, in the behavioural aspect of learning.


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