5+ Best Open world multiplayer games for low end PC

Best Open world multiplayer games for low end pc

So, how are you all, Are you getting bored and looking for low-end PC games and want to know about the best low-requirement PC games and also an Open World game, yes friends you heard right best Open World game for low-end PC. Those who do not know who is called open-world games are, then … Read more

10+ Highly compressed pc games under 1GB

Highly compressed pc games under 1 gb

Welcome to Bigtech360.com in the previous article we already covered highly compressed PC games under 300 MB, today in this article, we are going to talk about 10 highly compressed PC games under 1GB download. You already know that Bigtech360 offers you any type of games that are less than in size and provides high graphic games to low graphics in low size games.  … Read more

10+ Highly Compressed PC Games under 500MB

highly compressed pc games under 500mb

These are super highly compressed PC games under 500MB that have a lower file size but have the same quality as the original one. Bigtech360 offers any type of game that is less than the size and the quality of the games is free to play the original size. Most of them are in the … Read more

11+ Best Highly Compressed PC Games less than 300 MB

highly compressed pc games under 300mb

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish to play such games for your PCs with low specification with high graphics setup in compressed form, Then this article is just for you. In the past, I used to think is it possible for lower storage to have games in such sizes, Yes it … Read more