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Telegram launches this new feature for Android and iOS users

Instant messaging app Telegram (Telegram) has released a new video calling feature for its Android and iOS users. The introduction of this feature was discussed long back. Telegram released this feature on the occasion of its 7th anniversary.

This feature of Telegram has been released on the Alpha version and according to the company, its video calling is end to end encrypted. To test this, the company has also introduced a special emoji matching feature. Telegram has also said that it will soon launch a facility for group video calling.

Telegram has said about the launch of this feature that the video calling feature will support Picture to Picture ie PIP mode. The advantage of this is that users can also do other work on the phone by scrolling the video chat. Users can also switch from video calls to normal calls.

After the new update, users will be able to call in a contact’s profile by clicking the call button. Also, four emojis will appear on the screen to confirm encryption. Understand by an example, if four emojis are not showing on your screen then your calling is not safe.

Please tell that Telegram was launched in the year 2013. Subsequently, it has over 400 million users and Telegram is in the list of top 10 downloading apps. Telegram has many features that are not available in apps like WhatsApp. For example, on Telegram, you can share files up to 2 GB while WhatsApp only offers up to 16 GB.

Telegram has benefited immensely since the outbreak of Corona infection, as Telegram channels have been used by all the government of the country to provide Corona updates that were not possible on WhatsApp.



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