Urbn Launched the Urbn MagTag 5000mAh and 10000mAh Wireless PowerBanks

Urbn recently launched two new models of magnetic power banks in India. The Urbn MagTag wireless 5000mAh and the Urbn MagTag 10000mAh are making the rounds on the internet. The features of these two power banks are quite impressive, from having a unique ring that would smoothly charge your iOS and Android devices to great prices.

Both of the power banks have a lithium polymer battery, which makes the charging process efficient and fast. Apart from the ring feature on the power banks, these Urbn MagTag 5000mAh offer 12W wired charging and have almost all the premium features as compared to the 10000mAh one. The latter one offers 15W wireless charging and 20W wired charging. making them a perfect choice for carrying for travel and other purposes.

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Talking about the look and feel of the power banks, they feel quite premium and luxurious and come in this matte black colour. There is some weight to the product, which makes it feel reliable and not flimsy. The other colour variants of these power banks are purple and blue, thus giving variety to the users.

Urbn MagTag magnetic Power Banks

Last but not least, the pricing: these are priced at Rs. 2,999 for the Urbn MagTag 10000mAh and Rs. 2,499 for the Urbn MagTag 5000mAh. The pricing of these two banks is good, as the features and prices go hand in hand. and customers can feel its worth after using it.

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