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Vivo electric car and bike possible to release in India

The world has always been thrilled regarding automatic vehicles as also, electric. For the pleasure of all those, speculations suggest that Vivo might launch driverless and electric cars and bikes. The company has officiated its trademark regarding the same. 

Chinese tech giants like OPPO and OnePlus have also officiated their trademarks in the EV (Electric Vehicle) segment. Vivo is the latest name and has lodged an application under Class 12 for EVs. This includes – electric and autonomous vehicles, photography and aerial drones, etc.

The EV alternative has been chosen, time and again, over battery-operated vehicles in the country. Thus, although there hasn’t yet been any official announcement regarding a fixed date regarding the launch in India, speculations are that Vivo would enter the two-wheeler category. Added to this are the skyrocketing fuel prices that are very efficiently promoting the demand for EV vehicles. 

Thus, fingers crossed, we are looking forward to these new developments- which would most likely bring a radical change in the tech world as well as across the country. Stay updated with our website for more updates. 


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