VU Cinema 55lx 4k smart TV Review

By launching Vu Cinema Action TV, VU has carved a niche of its own in the premium category. I had liked the picture quality of VU Cinema TVs, but this series outperforms even that earlier one. This TV series is available in two size options, 55 and 65 inches.

The price of 55-inch tv is Rs 49,999, while the 65-inch tv is available for Rs 69,999. Even before the launch of this TV, many people think that whether this VU Cinema action series was a rebranded Hisense Tornado TV.

The interesting part is that at the time of the release of the Hisense Tornado, many had claimed that it was a VU premium android with just an addition of a soundbar.

So in this article, I reviewed the Vu cinema action series 55lx and 65lx 4k smart TVs, I’ll try to clear this doubt of yours and explain how both TVs are different. Apart from this, we will find out how this Cinema Action series fares in front of the lower range TVs of Samsung, Sony, and LG.

VU Cinema 55lx 55 inches 4k smart TV Review

Vu cinema action series 55lx and 65lx 4k smart TVs Reviews

Inside the box, there are two pieces of table-top stands, a power cord, remote, two triple-A batteries, a User manual guide, and a wall mount.

Build Quality:

Constructed out of high-grade plastic material, the table-top stand gets a silver-gray metallic finish. The built quality of the remote is good, which is exactly like the one that comes with VU Premium Android and VU Ultra Android TVs.

The remote gets direct buttons to Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube, Google play, and prime Video. It also comes with a Google Assistant Button. At the bottom, Vu branding has been given.

VU Cinema 55lx 4k smart TV Review

The ultra-slim black bezel on the three sides goes invisible within the black screen area of the TV and it is hardly visible, making the TV appear bezel-less. At the bottom, a titanium grey fabric finished soundbar has been fused-in with the TV.

In the center, Vu branding has been given, while on the left side DTX virtual comes written. The rear part has been constructed out of high-quality ABS plastic. Vertical and horizontal lines have been used for self-designing.

VU Cinema 55lx 55 inches 4k smart TV Review

Overall, this TV looks premium and elegant in a black and silvery grey contrast. The silver finish of this soundbar looks more attractive than the darl grey matt finish given on the Hisense Tornado soundbar. If you take a closer look at this Vu soundbar, you can spot sparkles of silver on it.

Connectivity options

This Tv comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, along with SPDIF port, AV port, Ethernet port, Headphone jack, Antenna port, and Composite input ports. HDMI ARC and CEC both are present on this TV.

The company lays stake to the claim that like Vu cinema, for precision, this tv, too, has been given a Robotic assembly.


This is VA panel Tv with DLED Backlighting. Vu has incorporated its Pixelium Glass Technology to enhance the Brightness of this TV. The technology was put to use for the first time in Vu Cinema TVs, whose picture quality was one of the best.

The brightness of this TV is 500 Nits. The Digital Noise reduction feature of this TV works wonderfully to minimize digital disturbance and enhance picture clarity. The Tv comes with a high dynamic range. Apart from Dolby Vision, there is support for HDR 10, HDR 10 plus, and HLG.

Colors Reproduction

VU Cinema 55lx 55 inches 4k smart TV Review

Due to the VA panel, the contrast ratio of this TV is pretty good, you get to see deep and uniform blacks as well. I did not find any light bleeding on this TV, due to which its blacks appear deeper.

The color reproduction of this TV is very good. Apart from being vibrant and punchy, the color appears realistic. On a dark background, the color virtually pops out. The High brightness on this Tv brings clarity in pictures. In dark scenes too, details are visible to a large extent.

There is a depth in pictures, which creates the illusion of their being real as if you were looking at some real-life scene outside your window.

Motion Blur

To deal with motion blur in its TV, VU has for the first time, incorporated MEMC technology in its TV. Even if you turn off the MEMC in the settings, motion blur is not much visible on this TV. Motion blur is considerably lesser on this TV than VU’s previous models. Though MEMC is nowadays common amongst budget TVs, their 60 Hz refresh rate fails to impede the motion blur in them.

Despite having MEMC, motion blur is very much visible in some TVs. A double image can be seen, even if anyone raises an arm swiftly. Though motion blur does not irritate on this TV, it does get evident sometimes in very fast action scenes.

Switching on MEMC, sometimes makes the scenes too smooth, thereby, creating an artificiality in the scene. And, if you simultaneously also switch on the cricket mode, some digital noise creeps in high-resolution video.

Viewing Angles

VU Cinema 55lx 4k smart TV Review

Being a VA panel TV, the viewing angles though not perfect but they can be termed as satisfactory. On viewing from sides, there is not much degradation in color saturation level. As brightness plays a major role in shaping the HDR performance of any TV, the HDR 10 and Dolby Vision performance of this TV can be said to be better than other affordable range TVs as its brightness is much higher.

Audio Quality

This TV comes with a 100 watts supersonic soundbar, which comes integrated with six-unit JBL Cinema speakers. This TV comes with Dolby Digital decoding and also DTS X virtual surround sound.

The audio of this TV is pretty good, which apart from being load is crystal clear. This TV produces a good bass effect too. It brings you much closer to a Cinematic experience.

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Picture upscaling

Coming to the picture upscaling capability of this TV, it can be termed as very good. 720p resolution videos, too get upscaled and play in a much better resolution. This TV is very efficient in minimizing digital noise to bring clarity to pictures. The Built-in Chromecast of this TV performs satisfactorily and casting is smooth on it.

Smart Specs:

VU Cinema 55lx 55 inches 4k smart TV Review

It comes with Bluetooth v5.0, which grants stable connectivity. You can wirelessly connect your headphone, gaming controller, and keyboard mouse with this TV. This is an Android TV that comes with a Quad-core processor with a clocking speed of 1.4 GHz. It works on Android 9.0, pie os, and comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

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You can play almost all applications on this TV and even side-load them from outside. The voice command feature is highly responsive that follows your commands promptly.

This TV is totally apt for gaming too, which you can enjoy comfortably as it has a fast response time and very good graphics. It is suitable to be used as a monitor too.

Talking about it in total, this bezel-less TV maximizes the viewing area to enhance your viewing experience. It comes with multiple setting options and if you can tweak it in the perfect one, you will get a superb audio and video experience on this TV.

For movie-lovers and TV buffs this is a complete entertainment package. If observed closely, it can be easily seen that through its performance, Tv beats even the affordable range of higher brands on many fronts. On this TV, you get better brightness, picture upscaling, and audio than the budget category TVs of Samsung & LG. Apart from this, the Android operating system comes as an added attraction, which allows the playability of almost all applications.

Warranty and After sales services

VU Cinema Action series is coming with a 3-year warranty, while all these branded TVs are coming with only a 1-year warranty. All these factors make it a better package than even those higher brands TVs. Because of this reason, its price somehow gets justified.

Amazon Ratings:

Vu Cinema cutomer Ratings:
Vu Cinema Amazon Ratings:

Cutomer Reviews:

vu cinema 55lx 4k smart tv cutomer review
vu cinema 55lx 4k smart tv cutomer review

Now coming to the difference between Hisense Tornado and VU Cinema Action TVs

Though both bear a striking resemblance in design, on a closer look, many differences are evident on the front as well as on the rear. Vu cinema’s titanium design looks more attractive. On the back too the design is different. Even the colors on the Vu TV are more vibrant. Through Pixelium Glass Technology, Vu has been able to achieve more brightness. On the picture upscaling front too, Vu excels.

Despite having Dolby Atmos, Hisense’s 102 watts speakers fail to outperform the 100 watts speaker system of the Vu TV. On the contrary, after calibration, the audio of Vu seems more balanced.

Now, coming to the aftersales services, the services of Hisense are not good at all, while those offered by Vu can be said to be satisfactory.

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